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With MiroSAW(Service AnyWhere), customers at any place can connect to their customer support anywhere in just a few seconds, without having to worry about NAT or firewals. Customer support can do

  • View and operate customer’s computer on the remote
  • Text chat with a customer
  • File transfer

High Security:

  • File transfer directory jail and log operations of file transfer
  • HW-ID Key authentication
  • Unplug the key and programs exit automatically.
  • To protect privacy, customer can allow/deny remote control and file-transfer very easily.
  • SSL encrypted

High Availbility:

  • Fully pass through firewall/NAT router. Serve anywhere.
  • Able to serve multiple customers simultaneously.
  • Notification with beep when customers call for help.
  • File recovery in case of missing files.
  • Multitask: remote control, file transfer and chat simultaneously.

Easy to Use:

  • Multiple Language support: Traditional/Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese
  • Online chatting and file transfer function support.
  • No installation required.
  • Naming an easy to identify client name for each key drive.
  • Predefined supportócustomer key group (1<=>1, 1<=>2, 1<=>20..)
  • Online software update











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